Miguel proposes to longtime girlfriend, Nazanin Mandi

Last Friday, on Christmas day, Miguel surprised his girlfriend of 10 years, Nazanin Mandi, with a trip to the Dominican Republic for a week.  


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All week, the pair went to the beach, went sightseeing, and went ATV riding; and on the last night there, New Year's Eve, Miguel proposed to her.

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A few minutes later, Naz posts a photo of her and Miguel lounging by the water on vacation, with the caption telling it all

Miguel and Naz at the pool in the Dominican Republic.jpg
Nazanin Mandi's instagram caption revealing Miguel proposed to her.jpg

The caption had been edited, but before the edit she signed it as "Mrs. Pimentel," which led to everyone thinking they secretly got married



An hour later, Naz posts another photo from the airplane of two hearts in the water as they leave the Dominican Republic, stating it's quite appropriate for the trip.

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Nazanin Mandi's instagram caption for two hearts in the water.jpg

In the comments, Nazanin confirms the engagement

Nazanin Mandi confirming she and Miguel are engaged.jpg


I am beyond stunned by this news and I haven't gotten a chance to process it since finding out about it.  I am excited and happy for both of them because I know how much they both mean to each other and Miguel knows how to treat women right.  When I first discovered Miguel, he was single, but shortly after that, they got back together.  Nazanin has been featured in several of Miguel's music videos, most of them from the first album.  They have grown together as a unit since early adulthood, now with them both around their 30s.  I cannot wait to see what is going to happen in 2016 and every year after that with this pair.


Congratulations, Nazanin & Miguel!

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