Jidenna = next Hitler?

Recently, Jidenna released a new video.  Today was the first time I saw it.


It starts off with Jidenna walking down the sidewalk in Brooklyn with his posse.  Everything is in greyscale, with red highlighted.  There is a coffin held high in the background the entire time.  This is all on the sidewalk outside of a church, with women mourning off to the side.

Jidenna and his illuminati possé members all backing him up in Long Live The Chief.jpg

everything is very uniform and synced to Jidenna's every move.  

Jidenna has stated many times in interviews that he does not like using the N-word, yet here we are, the first word in this under-3-minute song is that word and he constantly uses it throughout the song.  

everyone praising Jidenna in Long Live The Chief.jpg


The song is called "Long Live The Chief" which is a HUGE red flag.  What chief?  Jidenna?


Jidenna claims he can run the whole country.  This is another huge red flag.  

Jidenna concludes the song with a shout out to his illuminati leader, Janelle Monáe.  Maybe she is controlling everything through Jidenna?  

What can that coffin represent?  is Jidenna wishing death to everyone that isn't a part of his Wondaland Illuminati?

Jidenna wishing death to everyone that isn't a part of his Wondaland Illuminati in the video for  Long Live The Chief.jpg

This is very scary.  I'm aware I compared him to Hitler but there is nothing else to compare him to right now aside from his illuminati membership but please bear with this.  Janelle Monáe and her Wondaland Illuminati plan to take over the world.  I know this isn't going to be the only thing standing out from Jidenna and there will be more very soon.