Miguel launches his own app

on October 21st 2016 at 4:00PM EST, Miguel announced online that he now has an app.  The Miguel Wildheart app is by Top Fan and it's really good.


I downloaded it immediately (of course) but it didn't work for my phone right away which bummed me out a lot but I also saw other people were having issues with it so I knew I wasn't alone

when I met Miguel again Wednesday night he told me to get the app and bc he knows me he told me I can message him on the app for suggestions to make things better.  I told him it wasn't working but I downloaded the update earlier that day and I didn't have time to set it up because I was running around to go leave to go see him (Miguel is my first priority in my life) but when I got back to the hotel after the show I set everything up

I have never seen an app like this before

to get complete full access it costs $29.99 a year which to me is nothing bc I have a bank account set aside for Miguel things and I'd even pay $30/month for the app because Miguel is worth it he's worth every penny in the world.

The more you post and discuss Miguel or anything on the app, the more "Wildheart points" you receive, which leads you to the next level- bronze, silver, gold, platinum.  With the membership, you are noted as a "rider." 

Miguel has a section on his app of pics of his cats and fan art and there are links to buy merchandise and every social media outlet he has is connected to the app and every post he makes gets shared onto the app.  He also plans to have a live stream on Wednesdays for #WildheartWednesday

Miguel is perfect and so thoughtful to us fans


Miguel already has responded and liked my posts on the app and it's a very small circle of people on the app (good bc I need all the attention from Miguel as possible) and it's fun and Miguel posts live videos on it

Miguel posting on his Wildheart app.jpg
another post from Miguel's Wildheart app.jpg
Sarge posting on Miguel's Wildheart app.jpg


Miguel getting his own app is exactly what I needed in my life because not many artists do things like that and this makes Miguel stand out and be more unique.  The only person I can think of that has something similar is Ryan Leslie and his website membership and you can purchase certain levels to get a phone call from him and other things but in my opinion knowing you're getting a phone call from an artist isn't as exciting as an expected sporadic personal message from an artist on their own app.  You can download Miguel's Wildheart app for iPhone here, and for Android here.