Happy 31st birthday to my favorite man in the world.... MIGUEL JONTEL PIMENTEL


I am so happy for everything Miguel has accomplished in his life he makes me feel so much better on every down day that I have and in 3 days I will be blessed with meeting him again I hope he remembers me


look at that smile

Miguel looking hot and climbing up a ladder on a rooftop.jpg

Miguel looks so hot on tour he looks like a legit angel in white

Miguel wearing a white tee and white ripped jeans looking gorgeous backstage on the Sia tour.jpg

I've been ride or die for Miguel since he j turned 25 years old which is the same age I'm at and he's perfect and I love him and I always will love him and I can't wait to meet him again and every year after that and I cannot wait for his new music




MIguel looking gorgeous as he looks off to the side and smiles with his hands closed together.jpg