Miguel opens Wildheart Motel

Once an abandoned motel designed in the 70s, Miguel and his team turned this 21-room motel into an art installment.

Wildheart Motel sign.jpg

On January 30th and 31st, Wildheart Motel was open for everyone to experience Miguel's visions.

Since Miguel's first album was released, I knew Miguel was very big into art.  As the years went on, so did his love for art.  Miguel loves creating, designing, and living artwork.  

the Wildheart Motel had a live stage and rooms with a different theme in each one.  A grass hill, blacklight room, a waterfall, cave room, a room with a giant breasted pillow, webcam room, room filled with mini fridges, an upside down room, etc..

blacklight room in the Wildheart Motel.jpg
Miguel on the grass hill in the Wildheart Motel.jpg
cave room in the Wildheart Motel.jpg
Miguel looking hot in the upside down room in his Wildheart Motel.jpg

Miguel took to the stage the first night with Rihanna joining in, and Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller attended the second night with performances on the roof of the motel.

Miguel on the roof on the 2nd night at his Wildheart Motel.jpg

The motel looked vaguely similar to what took place in Miguel's video for Waves.  I'm not surprised if this is what Miguel had in mind.  

I think that Miguel is covering this up by saying "art installment" but it's really something else.  Whatever it is, I love it.

Miguel Wildheart Motel jacket.jpg

by Miguel doing this, it goes to show how one of a kind he really is.  There is not one artist you can compare Miguel to because he stands out that much from everyone else. 

A website was available to watch the live stream of the events all night,, with a chat room.  Miguel went on the chat room briefly and was answering some questions anyone had.  Someone in the chatroom asked when will he have another tour, and Miguel answered "in 2016"

Miguel 2016 tour proof.jpg

Miguel is up to something and he's being sneaky but it's a good sneaky that will get me more and more anxious and excited because all I do day in and day out is think about Miguel and I can never get enough of Miguel 

the minute tickets are on sale for Miguel's 2016 tour, I will be online getting them