Knickers by Jidenna

A week after I first see Long Live The Chief, I see Jidenna's new video, Knickers.


Knickers.  Another word for the fancy britches worn years ago.  A piece of "classic attire" that definitely ties into Jidenna's "classic man" schtick.  But if you say the word a little too fast, it sounds like a certain word Jidenna claims he hates using, but has been using it a lot in his lyrics... Hmmm....


a small group of friends all wearing Jidenna's signature classic attire want to get into a club, except right outside there is a bouncer shooing them away because of what they are wearing.  A large neon sign on the door reads "NO KNICKERS"

the no knickers sign on the gate in Jidenna's video for Knickers.jpg

Well!  Doesn't that seem a little odd, no?  Why would a club prohibit a type of pants?  Maybe if you say "knickers" too fast you'll understand what the message really is?

Whatever.  The friends find another club that coincidentally is ran by Jidenna.  The club has a very "classic" feel for these classic men.  There is swing music playing and everyone is having a great time.  Of course, Jidenna is there having the time of his life, too.

Most of the attendees are modernly dressed with dyed hair, tattoos, etc... but the majority of the men are hipsters wanting to live in the 1940s.  This seems like a cult. 

the wannabe 1940s hipsters in Jidenna's Knickers video.jpg

Once the song starts, Jidenna starts using the N-word after each line in his verses.  Of course "knickers" is the only way he can bypass this bad word for the radio airtime, which is the main way Jidenna and Janelle Monáe will brainwash the music industry.

Jidenna is obsessed with the 1940s.  Maybe this racial segregation video feeds into his obsession with the look and feel of the "classic" image?  Or maybe he is saying something else...

When Jidenna isn't saying the N-word, he's saying "now we made it..." which can definitely mean "look!  We made it!  This is a cult pertaining to my Wondaland Illuminati and we are going to take over the world.  Look at me now, Janelle Monáe!"

Jidenna having a blast on the dancefloor in his video for Knickers.jpg

The NYPD crashes the party and breaks it up with poison tear gas, a metaphor for the NYPD being "the bad guys," but Jidenna and his small handful of illuminati recruits flee to the vintage elevator and escape.  

the NYPD aka the bad guys in Jidenna's Knickers video.jpg
the big bad NYPD poison tear gassing all of the wannabe 1940s hipsters in Jidenna's club in the Knickers video.jpg
Jidenna and a small handful of his illuminati recruits escaping to the elevator in the Knickers video.jpg

Back in September, I released a statement about Janelle Monáe and her Wondaland Illuminati, which includes Jidenna.  Last week I said Jidenna isn't finished with us yet and this is just preheating the oven to bake the cake before the icing completes it.

I still believe Jidenna and Janelle Monáe are trying to wipe out the entire human race that isn't affiliated with their Wondaland Illuminati.  I believe I am the only one noticing these things and I am keeping an extremely close eye on all this business.