"I Do" by Musiq Soulchild

Musiq Soulchild returns 5 years after his last album release with "I Do" from his newest album, Life on Earth, which releases today


This song reminds me of the classic style of Musiq Soulchild from his early work from Aiijuswanaseing and Juslisen

I was afraid these last few years that when Musiq Soulchild returned with a new album, it was going to be completely different.  I'm glad it's not.

the video takes place in a diner illuminated by fluorescent lighting with Musiq doing his thing as two couples lead the storyline for the video by conversing with each other outside and inside the diner

Musiq Soulchild just doing his thing inside of the diner in the I Do video.jpg


"I Do" is a really good song I'm glad Musiq picked this as his single


I'm glad Musiq Soulchild is back