Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston break up



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Right as summer comes to a close, Taylor Swift and her new seasonal dick break up.  Just because this was literally only for the summer doesn't mean she will NOT write songs about him; it WILL happen.

Congratulations Calvin Harris, you are NOT her number 1 target anymore.  jk you are always Taylor Swift's target even if you do not stick it in her.  If you talk "bad" about her on the internet, you will become her target, via PR team. 


Taylor Slutbag is going to need a new guy to boink during those fall nights when it gets chilly, and especially around Christmas time, she won't have anyone sing a feminist-friendly version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with.  


This bitch is insane and ANY guy that gets with her especially right now is j digging his own grave.  It must be someone who's on the verge of filing for bankruptcy and needs to get famous to save their life.  

attn men: I hope you are all terminal or you went to a psychic and saw that you're gonna die v shortly and that is why you are with Taylor Swift; clearly for the novelty and to have the satisfaction of crossing that off your bucket lists.