Meek Mill sentenced to prison

Today, Meek Mill was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison for violating his probation order

first off hold the phone what is going on why is Meek Mill going to prison for violating his probation order when there are people out there doing much worse things than this I mean come on this is all because he had a gun on him when he was 18 years old why is this still relevant

this is going to outrage so many artists and I know the FREE MEEK MILL movement is on its way shortly


maybe this is an incognito dual sentencing for violating his probation order and for having bad music and they are j too embarrassed to say that's the reasoning


he is being sentenced to prison because his girlfriend was Nicki Minaj for 2 years and that itself is a crime because he wasted so much time and now he has to go to jail to think about all that time he wasted for 2 years with her

Meek Mill after being sentenced to prison for 2 to 4 years.jpg


I hope Meek Mill is ok and he's thinking a lot in prison and he learns to cool down and not be so violent in his lyrics and does yoga in the prison and he's happy because you know he's getting his receiving mail quota filled every month at the prison from people sending him stuff and well wishes

Meek Mill I know you can't see this until you get out of the prison unless there's a computer there that has my website bookmarked but I want you to be ok I'm sorry for saying your music is bad you're hot you kinda look like Gucci Mane without the tattoos and you're more filled out