Miguel releases new single, "Told You So" and announces album release date

last night at 12:00AM j like Cinderella Miguel released a new song called "Told You So," a new track from his new album War & Leisure.  Miguel filmed a video for "Told You So" at least 6 months ago and that was released with the song at midnight.  


This song is so good I am not surprised though because this is Miguel and everything Miguel produces is so good like Miguel could wear a blindfold and open up Photoshop and go wild on a blank canvas and it could look like absolute shit but it would be really good absolute shit because it's from Miguel and there's something about Miguel's creativity that stands out


War & Leisure also has a release date: December 1st, 2017.  I already preordered it on iTunes and I scouted it out on Amazon and found the listing and preordered it as a physical copy because it's Miguel and I need to see everything about this album I need to physically hold it and look at the artwork irl

You can preorder War & Leisure here.

once again Miguel whips out something really amazing and perfect but it's expected since it's Miguel

I am counting down the days until December 1st 2017