The Weeknd wants to be Michael Jackson

This is something that's been on my mind for a long time and now since Star Boy has been released I'm ready to explode


The Weeknd has been everywhere the past few years getting to the point where his image has been tainted by pop Satellite radio stations

I don't know when this happened but it seems like The Weeknd took the plunge and is gearing his music towards pop music with collaborating with teen singers and electronica groups and making appearances at teen award shows.  This audience doesn't know any better than to compare an artist to another one (teens comparing One Direction to the Beetles, for example) so they all chime in and say The Weeknd sounds like Michael Jackson

This probably made Abel's ego shoot so high to where he considers this a huge compliment.  Yes, I can see it being a compliment, but no you should not accept that and be in that mindset.  I would never want to be compared to another person because I am myself.  So many people have compared Miguel to Prince to the point where yes, Michael appreciates it, but he considers that an insult to Prince.


The Weeknd has a very soft voice and so does Michael Jackson.  Is this the only comparable fact?  I never heard MJ talking about painkillers and sex before.  

but then The Weeknd releases a video for I Feel it Coming

Here we go this is what I've been waiting to express myself on.  The Weeknd is wanting to be Michael Jackson so bad, to the point where his video for his new single is Michael Jackson themed. 

The video takes place in space or on the moon or some planet and he's just dancing and everything is turning into stone and he's just laying around on the rocks and dancing in the sand and singing because he wants to be Michael Jackson 

This dude is even dressed like Michael Jackson like what the fuck dude what are you DOING

The Weeknd pretending to be Michael Jackson in the video for I Feel It Coming.gif

I know Chris Brown really appreciates Michael Jackson and he has been showing his admire to MJ in many of his videos over the years but this is nothing like that at all 

I don't know what's going on or if this is just a quarter life crisis but I'm getting scared because this is so unoriginal but I do have to say I'm so glad he got rid of that nest of hair because I'm sure it smelled like rat poison from being matted and filthy

Please make more music like Often and everything else before you went *~2 tReNdY~* please Abel I'm begging u