Trey Songz releases Tremaine the Album

Last month, Trey Songz released his 7th studio album, Tremaine.  Trey Songz is gorgeous and I'm glad he released another album

of course for Trey Songz to not break or disrupt his sexual aesthetic, the entire album features songs about sex which makes the album even hotter

Trey Songz releases the album with "Nobody Else But You" as the single which is a good song and Trey Songz looks hot in the video

Trey Songz in the Nobody Else But You video looking really hot.gif


this song is so real look how hot Trey Songz looks when he's serious this man is gorgeous


The album hasn't hit 100,000 sales yet but I think that's because not many people knew Trey Songz was coming out with another album because he's not running wild all in the news and media he's being very well behaved because he's hot and this is Trey Songz look at that smile 😍

so anyway what I'm saying is please listen to Trey Songz's new album Tremaine it's good because he's hot and hot guys always produce good music look at his smile it's perfect


Trey Songz and his gorgeous smile omg I'm done I'm throwing in the towel this man is gorgeous.jpg