Synopsis of Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" video

Kendrick Lamar's song "Humble" has been a hit all over the radio and the video has several million YouTube views

first off let me j say this video is all over the place it's so chaotic it's like a defective corn maze without an exit


Kendrick Lamar stressed as the pope in the Humble video.jpg

Kendrick Lamar starts off the video dressed as the Pope in the atrium of some empty and somber looking church and then the piano bass starts up in the song and everything happens so fast

then it shows 3 girls in their underwear, hairnets, and face masks but not gloves as they make counterfeit dollar bills with machines as Kendrick Lamar gets in the way and lays on top of the table as the girls try to do their work with money all over the floor

Kendrick Lamar laying on a table while 3 half naked girls make counterfeit money w no gloves on.jpg

then it keeps panning back and forth from the church scene back to the money scene and then Kendrick Lamar is sitting in a salon under the hair dyers with girls and then it goes back and forth with the church scene and the hair salon scene

Kendrick Lamar is suddenly riding a bicycle and it's filmed with a fish eye lens and it's going back and forth between that scene and the church scene

Kendrick Lamar is standing on the roof of a car in the middle of a dried out ditch and he's hitting golf balls off the roof of the car as he exclaims his left stroke just went viral

Kendrick Lamar shooting golf balls off the roof of some old ass car in the middle of a dried out ditch or glen.jpg

what does this have to do with the song I don't know

then it goes to some crowd of everyone wearing black t-shirts with Kendrick Lamar in the middle (most likely in a prison) and everyone has their heads down but not when they sing specific lines of the song

then it goes back inside that church and it's basically the last supper with kendrick Lamar's friends and all that is on the table are rolls and wine

Kendrick Lamar's last supper inside the church w only rolls and wine.jpg

I guess now Kendrick Lamar is back at the prison and they are all by these containers and some people sitting on the containers and there are people behind Kendrick Lamar that have rope wrapped all around their face and they are on fire and Kendrick Lamar is wearing a white sweatshirt that says Dreamer in the upper right hand corner and his head is on fire but he's still there singing along like a champ

now it gets to a split scene with Kendrick Lamar on the left side and a "very sexy" woman is on the right side as Kendrick Lamar says he's tired of girls being Photoshopped and he wants to see imperfections

now Kendrick Lamar is out of the panel and it shows one girl's face, the left side is her natural state and the right side is her 'enhanced' aka touched up face and then it does it with her ass

Kendrick Lamar's Humble video with the split screen girl.jpg

suddenly Kendrick Lamar is under a bridge and there is a shopping cart knocked over and a group of people and now Kendrick Lamar is wearing glasses

now Kendrick Lamar is in some old ass car and his friend is driving and Kendrick is in the backseat spreading grey poupon on a slice of bread and he has a plate so he doesn't make crumbs in the car

Kendrick Lamar tells us that he's using grey poupon and he reaches his hand out the window and passes the spread to his friend in the neighboring car in traffic

Kendrick Lamar spreading Grey Poupon on a slice of bread in the car.jpg

now it shows Kendrick Lamar wearing his white outfit again and he's shown through a house window and there are red lasers from the police shining on him

Kendrick Lamar is back in another crowd of everyone wearing suits and he is the only one wearing a white suit. then it goes back to the church scene where he's dressed as the pope and then the black t-shirt crowd and then back and forth to those scenes and then to the underneath the bridge scene and the bicycle scene and then the hair salon then the black t-shirt crowd and then he's shown back in the dried out ditch hitting golf balls off the roof of a car

Kendrick Lamar and his giant suit gang in the Humble video on the steps of the church or whatever.jpg

the video ends with everyone in their suits walking off the giant staircase they were all sitting on and leaving the building and then Kendrick Lamar walks towards the camera and then the video ends


what a day