Will.I.Am still sucks

I don't know what's going on but I see that Will.I.Am is back out with a new single

For weeks the video for Fiyah has been airing but I never paid attention to the video until now.  Within the first few seconds of the video it states "in appreciation of British culture" and that's when I knew I never needed watch this video because Great Britain is so boring I never want to go there or see anything from there

but anyway I gave it a chance.  I watch the video and everything is synchronized but it's not synchronized in a Chris Brown way or an Usher way but it's still in the Black Eyed Peas directing way and of course then I see dabbing which I'll never understand why people think this is cool and I never want to care about it either

Everyone is on cell phones which is really sad but I get product placement I know many other artists do it but this wasn't exactly what product placement is.  This is them watching people through cell phones at the fucking bar


white people looking through their cell phone at the bar in Will.I.Am's Fiyah video.jpg

I get secondhand embarrassment for when people do this at concerts or even out in public when they're taking selfies and it's so obvious because they still have the sound enabled on their phone.  You're wasting money at the concert by watching it through your phone screen and you're looking like an asshole in the computer lab at school taking snapchat selfies while everything in there studying can't concentrate because they hear your phone shutter going off




but then midway through the video here comes Fergie 

where did you come from

Fergie looking like Robbie Sinclair from Dinosaurs in the Fiyah video why is she still relevant.jpg

Fergie legit looks like Robbie Sinclair from Dinosaurs j standing there wearing her furs looking at her cell phone literally right in front of a landline phone

Robbie Sinclair from Dinosaurs.jpg


There is always two sides to a Black Eyed Peas song: it's "good" because it's catchy, but on the other hand, it sucks because it's the Black Eyed Peas and it'll never be good

It's like Big Sean people think Big Sean is so good but when you dissect his lyrics you come to terms that he sucks

when Usher released OMG in 2010 I had to search far and wide for the version without Will.I.Am because I could not go on with my life listening to a song with Will.I.Am in it because I boycotted the Black Eyed Peas for so long and I didn't want all of my hard work and effort going right out the window

Will.I.Am tries so hard to be trendy it's getting really sad now like I'm genuinely feeling bad for him because he's in his 40s now he's acting like the cool dad that everyone is trying to ignore by not saying anything but there he is wearing Air Jordans but they're not the right ones


Will.I.Am still sucking at his music especially in the Fiyah video.jpg

Verdict: Will.I.Am made another song that sounds like it belongs on a Black Eyed Peas album and it seems like that's the only kind of music he can create now