Miguel's new head shot with his dreads after he released Sky Walker.jpg


Miguel finally released a new song AND video a few hours ago called "Sky Walker" 

I am on Miguel's app so I saw this coming way before everyone else on the internet since I have VIP access on Miguel's app because why wouldn't I it's me

For the last few months all of Miguel's uploads on Instagram have had either a golf leaf background or a sand background and recently he "deleted" (probably archived) all of his photos except for a low number and he only makes his profile public on Wednesdays aka Wildheart Wednesday so I knew something was up Miguel's sleeve and it's not only his tattooed arm

This song is so good the video is fun and once again Miguel proves that he has never had a bad song

Miguel's life already is a giant party and this video proves it

Miguel is at some giant house party but he's also at the beach but it could be a beach house or something and then he's in a sauna and then he's flying a plane and kicking a soccer ball and taking selfies and making popcorn but not in that order but anyway Miguel is j living his life the way he wants to without anyone else caring which imo results in the happiest life


Miguel stacking red solo cups on someone's head in the Sky Walker video.gif

then suddenly halfway through the video out comes Travis Scott and he and Miguel are dancing in a dark room with neon lights which is great imagery because it reminds me of old exhibits in museums which you don't see anymore



Miguel is very happy in his life as you can see in this video

I'm rewatching this video right now to make this post and I am ecstatic I keep giggling I'm happy like a pig in shit

this is such a good video

I know more is coming

I know Miguel is going to surprise us all

I know I will be satisfied


Miguel I'm ready for more

Miguel in the Sky Walker video looking hot and like an angel in all white.gif