Miguel announces new album, 'War & Leisure'

Last night, Miguel guest starred on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and performed two new songs, Sky Walker, and Come Through And Chill.  Right before Miguel started his set, Colbert introduced Miguel to the viewers, and announced Miguel's new album, 'War & Leisure,' coming soon.



omg Miguel finally it's about time you got a date for this new album you've been teasing us since early spring with a new album but now that you officially announced it that must mean your album is going to be released very soon like within 2 months and hopefully I'm correct


Miguel has been posting pictures on Instagram with a sand background for a long time now and from the artwork Colbert had on the show, that appears to somewhat be the album cover

Miguel's probable album cover for War & Leisure.jpg



Miguel is blessing us with new music when we need it the most

Miguel is probably going to start touring in the spring which is prime time for touring because nobody likes to tour in the winter because of weather issues

this is perfect


thank you Miguel