Jacquees claims he's the "King of R&B"

hello everyone today I am here to discuss something very important that is currently exploding on the Internet right now: Jacquees claims he is the “King of R&B”

Jacquees looking boring.jpg

back in 2016, Jacquees released “B.E.D.,” which is the song that made him “rise to fame” in 2017. The first time I heard this song I said “wow, this song is heavily sampling the shit out of Avant’s ‘Read Your Mind.’ I hope everyone listening to this song realises that.”

Clearly that didn’t happen as Avant is an artist that is heavily slept on and he is very talented but after time people realised it was a sample

Jacquees came out with a remix not too long after that made it even more popular because it had Ty Dolla $ign in it

Later on, he came out with “At The Club” which featured DeJ Loaf. This song isn’t anything spectacular but it still charted.

Late in 2018, he came out with “You” which also peaked on the charts. It was at this point where Jacquees came out and claimed he is the “King of R&B.”

I’d like to know why Jacquees is claiming that title, as he’s only had 3 songs appear on the charts and is only 24 years old. Is it because of how he behaves on social media, along with the fame and success he got from ‘B.E.D.,’ which is heavily sampling one of Avant’s songs?

Jacquees has released songs he’s covered on YouTube and everyone sees he’s just a cover artist. It’s like watching PBS and watching the 3 hour program of the cover band and pledging to support whatever foundation is tied to the artist. The videos are carbon copies of the artists’ original videos.

For some unbeknownst reason, he covered Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” right at the peak of that song’s fame; I guess he saw how much fame and publicity she was getting from her song and wanted to ride her coattails to such fame, and did it by covering her song (which is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from her original.)

Does he think he’s the “King of R&B” because he covered one of Chris Brown’s songs 7 years ago? Anyone can do that and claim that title, Jacquees.

Jacquees must not be familiar with Usher, R. Kelly, Miguel, Trey Songz, The-Dream, and basically every other artist that writes their own music and has gotten must higher on the top 100 charts than he has. We know he’s familiar with Chris Brown because he poorly covered one of his songs already.

Jacquees also can’t form his own identity with his looks because he looks like Ty Dolla $ign, Future, and Li’l Wayne morphed together

SYNOPSIS: Jacquees sings really bad off-key and has only had 3 songs to be on the top 100 charts and he covers other artists and heavily samples songs from other artists and thinks he’s original and the King of R&B yet he hasn’t won any awards.

Is Jacquees the King of R&B? No.