happy birthday Kevin Ross

today Kevin Ross is 31 years old

Kevin Ross looking gorgeous in a white button down shirt.jpg

Kevin Ross is great and one day he is going to get his GRAMMY and he is extremely underrated but this man has wrote songs for many artists like Trey Songz, Johnny Gill, Jamie Foxx, SWV, and he is extremely talented

my favorite song of his is Long Song Away and it is extremely underrated

Kevin Ross makes these “mashup” videos on YouTube of him playing certain parts of the song (with instruments, clapping, snapping his fingers, etc) and singing the backing vocals of the song, and the main vocals of a song and puts them all together and they are the coolest thing ever and a lot of the videos are different songs of a certain era (90s mashup, Stevie Wonder mashup, etc) and I haven’t seen anyone else do this before

even if he covers a song he does it in the same format and to me that is a legitimate cover because he’s covering each part of the song

you know these things take a lot of time to complete and just from seeing someone do this and make several videos of this it shows that someone wants to be heard and known for their talents and don’t worry Kevin I see you

the next time Kevin Ross has a show in my area I will be there and I will try my hardest to let him know IRL how good he is and how much he means to me

happy birthday Kevin Ross you are really good