Miguel kicks off War & Leisure tour

Miguel kicks off his War & Leisure tour today in Portland, OR with his brother Nonchalant Savant and SIR

Miguel's War & Leisure Tour dates.jpg

The tour ends April 12th in Berkley, CA.  Miguel didn't have an LA tour date but I feel like at the very last minute one will be announced and it will be very over the top

I am going to see Miguel on March 24th in Brooklyn and yes I will get VIP why wouldn't I do this


Miguel looking absolutely perfect in a hat and a Hawaiian shirt with a red outfit on top.jpg

I am pretty sure Miguel went for a spring tour as opposed to a summer tour because he is getting married this summer and he j wants to relax and spend time with Naz and travel everywhere with her as newlyweds


good luck Miguel I love u so much

Miguel please get ready for me March 24th you have about a month to prepare for me