today is Jeremih's 31st birthday


he's really hot

have you heard him on "I Like" omg



Jeremih looking really hot in red.jpg

Jeremih rose to fame with "Birthday Sex" back in 2009 when he was 21 years old 

everyone kinda forgot about him but then in 2010 he released "I Like" and "Down On Me" which got really popular

then everyone kinda forgot about him again until 2014 when "Don't Tell 'Em" was released and everyone went insane when that song came out and that's all you heard for months and months on the radio 


my favorite thing about Jeremih is when he lost his shit inside a Fuddruckers back in 2014 and I do not blame him at all 


Jeremih is still pumping out music now and I know a new album is coming v soon


happy birthday Jeremih