Jeremih trashes a Fuddruckers restaurant in Montana

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on November 5th 2014, Jeremih and his entourage entered a Fuddruckers dining establishment to eat.  Reports say he was flirting with an 'underaged' employee, which made her feel really uncomfortable, so she got her manager and the manager told them to leave.  Jeremih felt this was racist, because he and all his friends are black.  Words were spoken and things got out of control, and the crew started throwing beer bottles at the manager from behind the counter.


first off let me just say that Fuddruckers is fucking gross

I went to one in Virginia in 2009 and it was so gross the 'restaurant' was so dirty and it wasn't like it was packed (on a Saturday night, lol) but then I went in the bathroom and there was a huge puddle of water all over the floor with trash everywhere and the floor was all warped, probably from previous water leaks. suddenly I didn't have to go anymore

I believe Jeremih did the restaurant a favor by throwing beer everywhere lol please add some more water to the floor it's not like anyone will notice from the additional puddles strewn around the restaurant

also I'm pretty sure what Jeremih did brought the largest amount of attention to that restaurant chain in the last 30 years which is pretty sad lol

from the looks of the video it doesn't seem like the Fuddruckers restaurant was busy and yes I understand that the camera footage was only in one small area but if the restaurant was busy you would see a line of people at the cashier.


leave Jeremih alone just because he's hot and looks like if Puff Daddy and Bobby Valentino had a baby together and has a hit song currently topping the charts doesn't mean you can kick him out of your gross restaurant

Jeremih doesn't deserve to step foot in another Fuddruckers ever again he may get sick from contamination of the air quality

just an FYI if you're ever near a Fuddruckers restaurant please don't walk, RUN away and don't even go there if you have to wash your hands because I'm sure the faucets won't expel any water because it's all over the floor.  you are better off washing your hands with Jeremih's beer he sprinkled everywhere


words of advice? don't tell em

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