10 years ago today Trey Songz released LOL :-) as his second single for his album, Ready

Trey Songz LOL :-) album cover for the single.jpg

This song is very near and dear to my heart I like it a lot bc it’s so different from the other things that have emitted from Trey Songz’s mouth and omg it’s such a simple song but it’s really good and whenever I hear it or think about it I get the song stuck in my head for several hours per day for many days until it finally goes away

I bonded w my friend’s roommate over this song

LOL :-) brought us closer together

we had something in common due to LOL :-)

I’m v aware that there is a TV show called LOL :-) on the Spanish channel Estrella I saw it in my FIOS guide a few months ago and I immediately lost my shit

I j realised that Trey Songz was 24 years old when this song came out OMG

Trey Songz looking gorgeous back in 2009 omg.jpg

I love you Trey Songz you are v sexy and great and you are a hot dad