happy birthday Demetria McKinney

Today is Demetria McKinney’s 41st birthday

Demetria McKinney's headshot.jpg

Demetria McKinney is best known as the crackhead from Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne but I know her from her music

I love her she is so underrated and her songs are really good

have you heard Easy

that song is so hot

Her debut album came out in 2017 and I really hope she comes out with more music bc she is v talented

she had a hard life but that doesn’t give her a free pass on anything bc she worked hard for her success coming from a homeless, single mother to someone as successful as her

she has a really good sense of humor

I watched the Soul Train Awards in 2017 and the audio cut out during her performance of Easy and they also went to commercial break during it and omg they did her DIRTY wtf

anyway happy birthday Demetria McKinney