Beyoncé finally reveals her twins

Today, July 14th, Beyoncé released her twins into the wild: on the Internet

Beyoncé's latest sex trophies are now 1 month old and are boy and girl twins, just as I predicted.  She needs to maintain her perfect lifestyle


Beyoncé revealing her new sex trophies to the Internet.jpg

Beyoncé's twins are named Sir and Rumi and the Internet is LOVING it, for whatever reason

Beyoncé is the Tom Brady of music and I don't understand why everyone is infatuated with her life and her family she has no royal ties she's just a middle aged woman from Texas that pretends to be a New Yorker that is married to an ex drug dealer

I can't wait for all social media to crash once the next photo of the twins is released




702 is Las Vegas' area code but it's also the name of an all girl R&B group named after the area code

702 Where My Girls At.gif

702 had hits like Where My Girls At, Steelo, You Don't Know, Get It Together, and Star


Every year I celebrate 702 day by listening to 702 all day

702 Where My Girls At artwork.jpg


happy 702 day!!!


SZA's debut album, CTRL, has finally been released

SZA is a 26 year old woman from New Jersey with a really strong voice and a very creative mind.  Her video for Love Galore shows it

Before I even listened to her music, I saw her album artwork for CTRL and admired the computer graveyard

CTRL by SZA album artwork.jpg

Notable songs on her album are Love Galore (featuring Travis Scott,) Doves In The Wind (featuring Kendrick Lamar,) The Weekend, Drew Barrymore.  After listening to this album, I have come to the conclusion that there is not one bad song on this album, which is always a good thing to come across.  

I really like SZA and I hope she continues to be this good and channels this album throughout her career.