Miguel releases new single, "Python"

Miguel j released a new single called "Python"


this is really hot

does Miguel even make any music that isn't suitable for the bedroom 

I feel like I'm in a cave and there's a red light illuminating in the cave and it's all moist and humid in the cave and I'm walking closer to the end of the cave to see Miguel but suddenly I'm out of the cave when the song ends


I am not surprised bc Miguel is so unpredictable which is really hot bc you never know what kind of music he's gonna have next which is a good thing bc that means he's not BORING unlike some other artists


Miguel will be performing this song on his upcoming Ascension Tour beginning August 23rd 

keep it coming Miguel 


today is Jeremih's 31st birthday


he's really hot

have you heard him on "I Like" omg



Jeremih looking really hot in red.jpg

Jeremih rose to fame with "Birthday Sex" back in 2009 when he was 21 years old 

everyone kinda forgot about him but then in 2010 he released "I Like" and "Down On Me" which got really popular

then everyone kinda forgot about him again until 2014 when "Don't Tell 'Em" was released and everyone went insane when that song came out and that's all you heard for months and months on the radio 


my favorite thing about Jeremih is when he lost his shit inside a Fuddruckers back in 2014 and I do not blame him at all 


Jeremih is still pumping out music now and I know a new album is coming v soon


happy birthday Jeremih 

happy birthday George Michael


Today would've been George Michael's 55th birthday

idc George Michael was hot and he made great music with Wham! and his solo career 

George Michael gave us the saxophone verse in Careless Whisper

can you imagine how different the world would be without the saxophone part in Careless Whisper

what would I get stuck in my head at 3AM

George Michael looking gorgeous shirtless with his crucifix earring in.jpg


anyway George Michael was gorgeous I like how he only had one side of his face photographed because that's literally me that's my aesthetic giving people no other option to capture my existence 

happy birthday George Michael I hope you're having a great time in Heaven