Hot Guys

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is gorgeous



  • he's hot
  • he's under 6 feet tall which may seem like a disadvantage but it's not because he is eye level with me and that is perfect
  • he's young he's only 26
  • his eyes are perfect they are always in a hot mood they are never in an aggressive state
  • he is mixed
  • he's on the Seahawks
  • he got divorced which means he's back on the market which means jackpot
  • he has dogs
  • gorgeous quarterback
  • he visits children in the hospital like 4 times a week
  • he's perfect
  • he has abs even though he has a stocky body
  • when he has kids he's going to be a hot dad



  • he got divorced which means he has to share his fortune with his cheating ex wife
  • it's hard to take him seriously when he's looking intense because his eyes are so hot


russell wilson looking hot looking left.jpg
russell wilson looking hot with a microphone near his chest.jpg
russell wilson looking gorgeous to the right.jpg