Hot Guys

Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman is gorgeous idc what anyone says I'm right you are wrong stop being a hater ok



  • he's hot
  • he's on the Seahawks
  • he's the best corner in the league and will always be
  • he's black
  • he's young he's only 26
  • his eyes are amazing
  • he's sassy
  • he has amazing abs
  • his smile is out of this world
  • he has a sense of humor


  • people are mean to him but this isn't something he can control it's not his fault people are haters and like the 49ers
  • he is 6'3" which is a little tall for me but I will make it work
  • he has a girlfriend ugh are you kidding me
richard sherman smiling looking hot.jpg
richard sherman looking hot on the field with his tongue poking out omg I can't handle this.jpg
richard sherman looking hot towards the right.jpg