Hot Guys

Jermaine Kearse

Jermaine Kearse is hot



  • he's hot
  • he's on the Seahawks
  • he helps the Seahawks score and be a hot team
  • he's young he's 24
  • he looks like El DeBarge
  • he's mixed
  • he looks like J. Cole and J. Cole's name is Jermaine too



  • he's over 6 foot tall
  • there aren't a lot of good pics of him on the internet but this isn't his fault
  • well actually it is because he can be more hot and that will make the photographers take more pics of him
Jermaine Kearse smiling and looking hot with the super bowl trophy.jpg
Jermaine Kearse vs the 40 whiners catching the ball.jpg
Jermaine Kearse catching the ball again.jpg