Hot Guys

Tarvaris Jackson

Tarvaris Jackson is hot he's on the Seahawks



  • he's hot
  • he's on the Seahawks
  • he's Russell Wilson's backup if Russell ever gets hurt (G-D FORBID)
  • he's 31 he's hot
  • he was on the Seahawks in 2011 and left to go to the Buffalo Bills but came back a year later because he missed being a hot guy
  • he looks like Kevin Hart but he's ugly but he's a hot version of Kevin Hart



  • he was born a day late he should've been born on 420
  • he never plays bc hot Russell Wilson always plays but that's ok
  • he may not be on the Seahawks much longer


Tarvaris Jackson throwing the ball and looking hot.jpg
Tarvaris Jackson and his hot eyes.jpg
Tarvaris Jackson with the ball.jpg