Hot Guys


Seal is hot





  • he's hot
  • he's talented af
  • Kiss From A Rose is a really hot song it's sexy af
  • he's a hot dad
  • this isn't a pro but he has lupus and he's not afraid to mask the scars on his face with makeup or surgeries so I guess that's a hot pro that he's confident with his appearance
  • he has a hot and thick voice
  • he's one of the few musicians from the UK that I like/can tolerate 
  • he's loaded
  • he has beautiful eyes
  • he looks hot bald
  • he has a hot name even though I can't pronounce it
  • his new album just came out
  • he won 4 GRAMMY awards





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Seal looking hot in a brown leather jacket.jpg
Seal looking hot in a tight fitting grey shirt.jpg
Seal looking hot in a black jacket.jpg