Hot Guys


Novel is hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 34
  • his birthday is a few days after mine
  • he has a really strong and hot voice
  • he won a GRAMMY award
  • he's written and produced like 1,000 songs
  • he's released 7 mixtapes
  • he's produced over 25 albums
  • he has beautiful eyes
  • his name is Alonzo and that's a hot name
  • he shaves his head and he looks so hot with no hair
  • Peach is a good song
  • We Got It Bad is a really hot song it's so real





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Novel looking hot af in a white v-neck t-shirt omg look at his eyes they're gorgeous.jpg
Novel crouching down and looking hot during a photo shoot.jpg
Novel looking hot in a plaid shirt.jpg