Hot Guys


Nicolay is really hot





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 42
  • he's the other half of The Foreign Exchange
  • he plays keyboard and other stuff so he's the one not singing that's Phonte's job
  • he's from the Netherlands
  • he released an album with Phonte as The Foreign Exchange before either of them met face to face which is really cool how that worked out successfully
  • all his songs are really hot
  • he has really hot deep eyes
  • his stage name is hot
  • his real name is hot it's Matthjis which is really hot and exotic sounding even though his name is Matt
  • he's a part of the Dutch hip hop movement
  • he's a record producer





  • he kinda looks like Rob Thomas
Nicolay sitting at the computer looking hot in a striped light blue and white and black polo shirt.jpg
Nicolay looking hot in a striped light blue polo shirt with his T-Mobile SideKick in his hand.jpg
Nicolay sitting on a stool wearing a satin teal shirt that matches the backdrop.jpg