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Elijah Blake

Elijah Blake is so hot omg he's so cute





  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • he's 25
  • he has really gorgeous eyes
  • XOX is a real song and so is Strange Fruit and Fading is too
  • he has a really unique vision with his videos and has v strong lyrics
  • his real name is Sean Fenton but Elijah Blake is a really hot alias no wonder why he uses that instead
  • he looks gorgeous he should be a model I'm serious
  • he's a songwriter and he's written songs for Trey Songz and Usher
  • his voice is so hot and soft
  • he has released 3 albums
  • I hate DeJ Loaf but I Just Wanna is a v good song
  • he can dance v good
  • Atlantic Records signed him at age 16
  • he has really cool hair
  • I want him to make a song with Miguel so bad





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a profile shot of Elijah Blake in a greyscale tone omg he's so hot.jpg
Elijah Blake against a stone painted wall looking so hot.jpg