Hot Guys

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter is so hot






  • he's hot
  • today is his 28th birthday
  • he was a teen and preteen heartthrob of the early 2000s
  • he has a nice smile
  • he's still making music
  • he's loaded
  • his older brother is Nick Carter
  • he was on Dancing With The Stars just like Nick Carter
  • he paid off all his debt the year following filing for bankruptcy bc he's responsible and hot
  • he communicates with fans on twitter
  • he's had multiple tv shows
  • he claims he's making a new album but it's been 13 years since he released one yet he's had 2 tours in the last 3 years




  • he blocks ppl on twitter a lot
  • he's aging terribly



Aaron Carter looking hot against a metal siding in a leather jacket.jpg
Aaron Carter looking hot in a black wool jacket.jpg
Aaron Carter looking hot on the red carpet at an awards show.jpg