Hot Guys

Brook D'Leau

Brook D'Leau is extremely gorgeous omg






  • he's hot
  • he's young
  • he's a record producer
  • he's 1/2 of J*Davey
  • he was Miguel's keyboardist up until June 2015
  • he looks gorgeous with a beard and I hate beards
  • he has beautiful eyes
  • he has a hot sense of style in clothing and music
  • he has hot tattoos
  • he has a hot name
  • Miguel is nominated for a GRAMMY and Brook D'Leau produced it
  • he remixes songs really good 





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Brook D'Leau looking hot and pulling off a fedora in a worn tank top.jpg
Brook D'Leau looking extremely hot by a window while wearing a hat and a 3 button shirt.jpg
Brook D'Leau sitting down with no shirt on looking very hot.jpg