Hot Guys


Miguel is extremely hot I can't believe I'm just getting to him now but you will all see this massive list of reasons on why Miguel is hot



  • he's gorgeous
  • he's mixed he's black and Mexican
  • his eyes are perfectly shaped they are slanted and hot
  • his face is amazing
  • he's young he's 29 years old
  • he has hot brown eyes
  • his voice is so soft it's perfect
  • his body is perfect
  • I don't like facial hair but Miguel's facial hair is on fleek
  • do I really need to continue this list
  • I do
  • his mouth is so hot his teeth aren't perfect and that makes it hot because he's unique
  • his tattoos are hot and I don't like tattoos
  • he's only 5'7" which is eye level with me
  • he's a scorpio
  • his hair is curly and it's hot
  • omg my mouth is watering rn
  • his eyelashes are long and out of this world
  • I can't get sick of his songs no matter how many times I listen to them
  • he weighs 140 lbs he's perfect
  • the shape of Miguel's head is perfect it's not ugly his mom had to have a c-section to preserve that cranial form
  • he's so secretive with releasing music and it's hot and mysterious
  • he dressed up as a skeleton for halloween in 2013 and he is the sexiest skeleton I've seen
  • he's in J. Cole's video for Power Trip and he makes the hottest dead body ever
  • his abs are out of control
  • I'm panting rn
  • he doesn't have an ounce of fat on his body
  • he posts pics on instagram p much daily and I'm done I have to immediately stop what I'm doing and screenshot it and move it to my album entitled "gorgeous" on my phone
  • his sense of style is out of this world
  • he cares about people a lot which is hot to care about someone
  • he simulated sex on stage and I almost died
  • one time at 3AM there was a fight on one of his instagram pics in the comments and he was replying to haters and I commented in the middle of it so he definitely saw my name and acknowledged what my name was
  • his name is hot
  • he's one of the few men in the world that I can fit my arms around because he's sized perfectly
  • he's the original hot guy that started everything including this blog
  • I fell in love with Miguel in November 2010 and he hasn't budged from the #1 position ever because he's perfect and he knows it
  • he has a Scottish Fold kitten which is a kitten with folded in ears and nobody has that cat except Miguel because he's hot and hot guys are allowed certain things
  • he's not afraid to hide the past or any mistakes he's made in his life because he's real
  • he got a DUI in August 2013 which is very bad but it's ok the car he did it in was a BMW X6 which cancels out all the bad part of a DUI because the car is safe and it just makes him look like a hot daredevil
  • he showed me what love was because I never knew what love was until I first set eyes on Miguel's perfect mass of a human being




  • are you serious
Miguel naked in bed looking hot with his perfect smile omfg I'm done.jpg
Miguel looking fucking gorgeous with his hot outfit.jpg
Miguel relaxing and looking hot with his cat.jpg