Hot Guys

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is gorgeous fuck the haters idc what they say



  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • his birthday is May 5th 1989 he is 25 years old
  • his voice is extremely hot
  • he became famous before he could drive
  • he has like 69 hit songs
  • he made New Flame
  • he looks gorgeous with a nose ring
  • his eyes are perfect
  • his smile omg
  • he is single
  • his penis is massive
  • he has freckles and they are hot
  • he loves animals



  • he can do without a few of those tattoos
  • he has a lot of haters but what can u do when ur so perfect
young Chris Brown looking hot.jpg
Chris Brown looking hot in a close up of his face in a tank top.jpg
Chris Brown looking extremely seductive with a close up of his freckles.jpg