Hot Guys

Ralph Tresvant

Ralph Tresvant is hot his birthday just passed





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he just turned 47
  • he took over as The Hot One when Bobby Brown left New Edition
  • he was in New Edition
  • he has really deep brown eyes they're hot
  • he's 5'8" which is eye level to me which makes him hotter
  • his smile is just omg
  • he's a good dad
  • he's a hot grandpa
  • he kinda looks like Tupac





  • he's married ugh fml
  • he kinda looks like Nick Cannon ugh
Ralph Tresvant smiling and looking hot.jpg
Ralph Tresvant looking sexy af.jpg
Ralph Tresvant being a teen heartthrob.jpg