Hot Guys

Heavy D.

today would've been Heavy D.'s 48th birthday RIP





  • he's hot
  • he's Jamaican
  • he died at 44 which is too young
  • he was the frontman in Heavy D. And The Boyz
  • he was also a record producer and produced a lot of Soul For Real's songs
  • he maintained a healthy diet
  • he's from the same area of NY as me
  • Pete Rock is his cousin
  • he loved wearing sunglasses
  • he released 9 albums with his last one being released 7 weeks prior to his death
  • he didn't have one bad song





  • RIP
  • I was so fucking devastated when I heard that he died I was on twitter when I found out


Heavy D with a shaved head looking hot.jpg
Heavy D looking hot and pondering about life.jpg
Heavy D looking hot in a kelly green vest.jpg