Hot Guys

Lenny Kravitz

today is Lenny Kravitz's 51st birthday 





  • he's hot
  • he's black he's biracial
  • today is his 51st birthday
  • Thinkin' Of You is a really hot song it's my favorite song by him
  • he plays instruments he's very talented
  • he looks like Maxwell who is also hot
  • I have the first NOW album and it has Fly Away on it
  • he's part of the neo soul movement
  • he was born in NY just like me
  • his eyebrows are so fucking expressive and hot
  • he has a nose ring and guys look hot with stud nose rings




  • I miss him
Lenny Kravitz looking hot on an extreme close up on his face.jpg
Lenny Kravitz looking hot with his nose ring and fitted shirt.jpg
Lenny Kravitz looking extremely hot holding a guitar with short hair.jpg