Hot Guys

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is a newly hot guy that is here to stay with us forever





  • he's hot
  • he's from Australia
  • he's young he's 33 years old
  • he won Australian Idol
  • he's a judge on the Australian X-Factor
  • Linger is a hot song
  • he was born in Malaysia
  • he's Portuguese
  • he released his 7th album, Madness, in 2014
  • his muscles are really toned
  • his eyes are brown but they're a different brown they're like crystal brown they're hot
  • he's 5'9" which isn't too tall but he's still eye level with me sorta idk
  • he's basically the Robbie Williams of the 2010s but only hotter





  • he has songs with Lupe Fiasco
Guy Sebastian looking hot in front of a white painted and primed brick wall.jpg
Guy Sebastian and his hot smile omg.jpg
Guy Sebastian looking hot in a tank top omg.jpg