Hot Guys

Kid Ink

Kid Ink is fucking gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 29
  • his birthday is April 1st but he's not a joke
  • he looks younger than he is which is hot
  • his eyelashes are long and fucking beautiful
  • his voice is really hot
  • Hotel is a good song
  • so is Body Language
  • he has a ton of tattoos that's why he's called Kid Ink but they're not ugly
  • he's been getting tattoos for the last 13 years
  • his third album, Full Speed, came out in February 2015
  • he looks like Chris Brown and he is hot too
  • he's 5'9" which isn't too tall but he looks eye level with me
  • he looks like he would be a good bf




  • not a lot of ppl know who he is
Kid Ink looking fucking hot in a greyscale photo.jpg
Kid Ink looking hot in a t-shirt and a matching hat.jpg
Kid Ink looking hot and serious in a greyscale pic with no shirt on and only wearing a hat.jpg