Hot Guys

Plug 1

Plug 1 is hot





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young he's 45
  • he's a really good rapper
  • his stage names are hot (Plug 1 and Posdnuos)
  • his real name is Kelvin which is hot bc nobody really has that name
  • he's one of the few hot bald guys in the music industry
  • his smile is so hot
  • he looks like he would be a really good hot dad
  • his eyes are really big and hot
  • he's tall




  • N/A
Plug 1 aka Posdnuos wearing a vest and looking hot.jpg
Plug 1 aka Posdnuos looking hot with his eyes closed and a huge smile on his face.jpg
Plug 1 aka Posdnuos looking hot in an orange polo shirt.jpg