Hot Guys

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas got really hot all of a sudden





  • he's hot
  • he's young he's 22
  • his voice is hot
  • he shaved his head and he looks hotter than he did when he had long hair
  • he works out and he got muscles finally
  • his body is amazing omg
  • his eyes are brown and they are really hot
  • Jealous is a really hot song
  • he had a photoshoot for Flaunt magazine and he got so hot and his package is out of this world
  • his smile is gorgeous
  • he's a positive outcome of ugly duckling syndrome




  • I can't have sex w him because I'm older than his penis and it's weird to do that


Nick Jonas looking really hot in a denim jacket.jpg
Nick Jonas looking really hot for Flaunt magazine.jpg
Nick Jonas looking gorgeous in a greyscale photo omg.jpg