Hot Guys

El DeBarge

today is El DeBarge's birthday he's hot





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • he's young and today is his 54th birthday
  • Rhythm Of The Night is my favorite song it's so good
  • his name is Eldra and that is a hot and unique name I would use this for a child I have
  • I named my cactus after him
  • he has 12 kids
  • his voice is really hot and good
  • Where Is My Love is a really hot song
  • so is You Know What I Like
  • his eyes are really huge and beautiful
  • he's still touring
  • his smile is huge and really hot
  • his hair is beautiful




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El DeBarge looking really hot with his huge eyes staring right at you because he's hot.jpg
El DeBarge in recent years looking down with his hot smile pouring out into the scene with a nice knit sweater on.jpg
El DeBarge looking gorgeous with his hair fixed pretty and he's looking down looking hot.jpg