Hot Guys

Al B. Sure!

Yesterday was Al B. Sure's birthday he's a hot guy





  • he's hot
  • he's black
  • yesterday was his 47th birthday
  • he was born in Mount Vernon which is by me
  • Nite And Day is a really hot song
  • he released 4 albums with the latest one being released in 2009 after a 17 year hiatus
  • his voice is so silky soft and sexual
  • his eyes are really hot
  • he looks like a ladies man but he shows a lot of respect to the ladies




  • not a lot of ppl know about him but that is their own fault
a close up on Al B Sure's beautiful face and his gorgeous brown eyes.jpg
Al B Sure looking hot in a photoshoot in a greyscale photograph.jpg
Al B Sure looking hot and incognito with sunglasses on.jpg