Hot Guys


Erup is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's Jamaican
  • he's young
  • his real name is Kevin which is a hot name I know a hot guy with that name
  • he's been in the music industry for 22 years
  • he created the Heart Of Love Productions label
  • he has a thick head of dreadlocks they are so hot and his hairline is so good from it
  • his eyes are gorgeous
  • he looks like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman and a dark skinned Bilal
  • Click My Finger is a good song




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Erup looking gorgeous.jpg
Erup looking gorgeous with sunglasses while he's wearing a shirt with his name on it but it's not from Etsy.jpg
Erup looking gorgeous in a leather jacket while sitting in a leather chair in the studio.jpg