Hot Guys

Ini Kamoze

Ini Kamoze is gorgeous





  • he's hot
  • he's Jamaican
  • he's 57 he was born in October like Usher and Miguel
  • he's been making music for over 35 years
  • Here Comes The Hotstepper is a hot song
  • his name means mountain of the true god
  • his eyes are so hot and big
  • his hairline is perfect even with dreadlocks
  • he has released 7 albums
  • he released a double album in 2005 just like Nelly did in 2004




  • he needs to release another album it's been 6 years
Ini Kamoze with his hot hair spinning in the wind.jpg
Ini Kamoze in a tank top looking gorgeous.jpg
Ini Kamoze swaying his head to the side and looking hot.jpg