Luke James

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Luke James is going to be a big name in 2013.  Not many people know that he wrote songs for Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, including Crawl, which surprises me that Luke James isn't very well known despite that.  I keep spreading the word about Luke James and making people CDs with his songs on them so they familiarize with his sound and become fans.  I remember the duo Luke & Q from a few years back, saw a few of their videos on VH1 Soul from time to time, but not a lot, and then in February 2012 VH1 Soul was showcasing Luke James' video for I Want You on every Soul Player block and it was one of the sexiest videos I ever saw omg


no like seriously look how hot this video is and hear how hot he sounds

I Want You is a special song to me because I did a lot of traveling when the song was constantly on VH1 Soul and I listened to it on my travels and it made me very happy and to this day it still makes me happy. To this day whenever I go on a trip I still listen to this song because it makes me happy and anxious and excited for what is on the other end of my adventure.

Melanie Fiona's 4AM was another special song I listened to when I went on trips, and when I saw the video I noticed Luke James played the role of Melanie's boyfriend and he's not answering his phone because he got drugged.  His role in the video is a reason why I love it so much. 

I didn't forget about Luke James when I Want You stopped airing on VH1 Soul, I sparingly listened to the song because I wanted to save it for 'special' events such as travelings or when something good happened because the song made me feel happy.  Then in November it started to air a few times and I was so excited and then a few weeks later in December, Make Love To Me aired on VH1 Soul and again, it made me happy.


The first impression I got from this video when it first aired was "wow this looks very similar to Marvin Gaye's album art for I Want You" when the crowd in the club had their arms up in the air in the still image in the video and then it hit me: Luke James has a song called I Want You, and his next single replicated the art for Gaye's album "I Want You"  and I thought that was very neat, because not many people would notice that ;)

About a month after that video came out I went on another trip that was very exciting for me (and several months way overdue) and I listened to both Luke James songs I Want You and Make Love To Me to get me happy and excited, which sure happened! I went on another trip a month later and felt extremely happy from hearing those Luke James on the ride along the way.  By February the video stopped airing for some reason and I got frustrated because it did not have its life played out on VH1 Soul, but that didn't stop me from listening to it all the time.


In early April I was watching VH1 Soul late at night and the video for I.O.U. premiered and I immediately fell in love with not only the song but the video.  I.O.U. is probably the best Luke James video so far and will no doubt be in my top 3 favorite videos of 2013.  Everything is perfect; the setting, the affection, the acting (big thumbs up to Luke James and Rita Lynn)  I was so not expecting another video so soon because of the huge gap between I Want You and Make Love To Me, but that's ok because I love Luke James and his voice is so soothing and amazing and he's hot

He doesn't have an album released yet, but when it does come out, whenever that will be, I will buy it the day it's released.

Luke James is an artist I'm watching develop and get huge like how I am with Miguel: I watched his first video premiere in 2010, became a fan, followed through with Sure Thing and all the rest of the hits from his first album, and followed through keeping tabs on him with his 2nd album.  I plan to do the same for Luke James.