Miguel at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Last night was the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.  I knew the day prior to the show that Miguel would be there performing and looking perfect.  Yesterday I was very tired and I fell asleep at 10pm and then woke up a quarter to 11pm and took a shower and went back to bed around midnight. But when I woke up from that embarrassingly early slumber I had like 69 new messages on my phone from Twitter telling me Miguel is on at the Billboard Awards and then I got like 69 other messages telling me he nearly killed a girl/broke her neck from jumping on the stage.


Everybody please leave Miguel alone he's perfect and he's hot and he doesn't use bad words like a lot of people in their music because he's gorgeous and he doesn't need this kind of attention towards him because he's already hot and that brings SO MUCH attention already omg he's hot Miguel please fuck me

Miguel is not like Chris Brown in fact he is a lot sexier and his voice swoons more girls than Chris Brown's voice believe it or not and Miguel hasn't been dating Period Hair Rihanna for like 69 years unlike Chris Brown and he's been perfect for every year he has been alive ok

Actually all of you should be ashamed of yourself for calling Miguel a horrible person and not nice names because I believe Miguel did that girl a favor because if she did get hurt then she has the injury of a lifetime to remember because she got it from the hottest biracial man ever and it's like a souvenir like when you go to the Statue of Liberty in New York because by walking up those tiny ass steps in the Statue of Liberty your legs hurt and that is the same pain of getting the world's sexiest biracial man to land on your neck

oh and that girl deserves it because she clearly was not paying attention to Miguel on stage cuz she would've looked at him and saw him leaping over the stage and shame on her for being so tall cuz no girl should be that tall so she just did it to herself

in conclusion Miguel is still perfect and biracial and hot and gorgeous and I still love him and now I just love him even more and all this event did was make him even more famous and hot because his groin landed on some girl's neck and she didn't care at all


Miguel you're perfect baby don't ever change

Miguel you're perfect baby don't ever change